What drives us is the passion to build a SAAB 900 Classic that can perform like a modern sports car, but still has the drivability of your everyday car.

The SAAB 900 Classic is one of the best looking youngtimers currently for sale and yet practical, spacious and suitable for daily use. The last one was produced in 1993 so unfortunately you can’t buy a new one nowadays. A car of this age can still be a beauty and great fun to drive, but at the same time it can also be a source of annoyance and unexpected costs. Apart from that, there is often room for improvement when it comes to reliability and handling, not even to mention safety.

Do you want to drive a SAAB 900 Classic in mint condition? KCPerformance can offer you an improved SAAB 900 Classic that meets (and supersedes) the standards of today. Not only with increased performance but also with better handling.

A typical project would start with an interview because we like to get everything straight concerning your questions and expectations. A proposal will be provided with the specification of the project.

Would you like to receive more information or would you like to make an appointment?
Do not hesitate to call or e-mail.

For the curious ones:

S9C is derived from SAAB 900 Classic:
the "S" is from "SAAB", "9C" represents "900" (C = 100 in Latin) and there you have it: "SAAB 900".

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