Standard Engine


  • Engine is designed for maximum output of 300BHP
  • Maximum 6.200RPM
  • Measured and checked thouroughly
  • Built with standard NPRE bearings
  • Bore is oversized to 90,50mm
  • KCPerformance Racing Pistons, oversized 90,50mm bore
  • New chain, guides, head gasket and valve cover gasket.
  • Cylinder head completely rebuilt and remachined
  • Engine coating in VHT-Paints Red Metallic
  • Cylinder head coating in VHT-Paints Grey
  • Price includes installation of the engine in the car

Stage 1 Engine

€ 7.599,00*

  • Engine is designed for maximum output of 360BHP
  • Maximum 6.500RPM
  • Balanced crankshaft
  • Build with best available bearings (ACL - Race Series Bearings)

Stage 2 Engine

€ 11.749,00*

  • Maximum output of 450BHP
  • Maximum 7.000RPM
  • Upgraded camshafts
  • Upgraded valve springs: suitable for high(er) RPMs
  • Upgraded conrods with ARP2000 bolts
  • KCP headbolts

Stage 3 Engine

€ 14.749,00*

  • Maximum output of 600BHP
  • Maximum 7.500RPM
  • Oil nozzles added to achieve extra cooling of the pistons
  • Upgraded (even faster) camshafts and cylinderhead of T5 engine
  • Collector upgrade for T5 cylinderhead
  • Upgraded main bearing hosing bolts: ARP
  • Upgraded headgasket: Cometic

* Price is “from”, using the "standard engine" configuration as base