Saab 900 Classic 2.0 Turbo Silver Arrow


  • Refurbushed the original Turbo 85 wheels
  • New Nokian I3 tires


  • Solved ground problem
  • Solved lighting problem
  • Replaced rockercover gasket
  • Replaced interior filter


In the years that the Saab 900 Classic was produced they also released some limited editions. One of these limited editions is the "Silver Arrow", which was exclusively for the Dutch market. All Saab 900 Classic Silver Arrows were delivered in a 2-door sedan in silver metallic with Silver Arrow striping and 15 "alloy Turbo 85 wheels. In the aubergine velvet with turbo contour interior they've put some personal touches like a numbered sign on the glove box, a wooden steering wheel and the initials of the first owner engraved in gearknob. The engine in the Silver Arrow versions was a 2.0 8v turbo engine without catalytic converter with an output of 155hp and only available with a manual GM 45610 gearbox. In total there were 150 limited edition Silver Arrow's produced, with an additional 50 later. 

The proud owner of this Silver Arrow came to us to give his car some love. It had an electrical problem. So we inspected the errors and solved them. We solved a problem with the lighting and a ground problem in the trunk.

Furthermore, the valve cover got a new gasket since the old one leaked. The interior filter had also seen its best day and was replaced by a new one. The original Turbo 85 rims were sandblasted and repainted in primer and gray paint color. 

The initial work on the car gave the customer the feeling that he came to the right place with his exclusive Saab 900 Classic Silver Arrow. In the future there will be more done to this car to bring it back to the state of it's glory years.